π = Copperish Earthling (a story by the whorish Benzene)

Por Ricardo y Lusmerlin.

CH2-CH2-CH3 y el ósculo bebía del arbusto

Pong Benceno Pang derramaba página vil en blanco o noir

y sus huellas refractando añil

-La c[ó|ú]pula verde y rayada-

ati (borrando) un aro canela bucal, piel ostra tenedor

❁  fleur de y con ella carnaval benceno [quietud de pasto]

en fui la mañana de to?o oscuro& | borrar memoria. Cuando me

encontré su mirada en la cama reposando la miel amanecida

{dijo,vino,maldijo} el suero rociaC

CH3-CH2-CH1 pa’ la cosa ala sabaneando cortinas sal y/o/y cobre!!!

…sal de cobre! , ; antes de agora labiar colmillos ding dong drum!

o qué? la tarde es de tarde et fleur

….regresa a cobre! después del musical del bambú asesino,

porque la noche es noche, y la fleur….

another piece of baby angels in fugue towards arms


hazaña, pico, seña, salto. senda. underlipping my own chemistry!

gravedad de siempre 10 en chelos reventados


corpiños sonambuleándole las

psique de maza que roba oscuros del señor

¡He vuelto a cobre! – dijo.

Carajoss, he vuelto a cobre.

Copperlanded freaks creating lime from dust, made the age ago

a whole entity, lived or copperish copperness woow!

Autumn infini, Cu Leaves

CuSO4 waters,

a real blue sea!

] Escena #π (  ͜  ) laughed at me cold as coldest embrace from lips

may, should, would be, calcium : herness

4km of circunference and radio

ont fait l’escène.

Copperland is nothing but stinky gorgeous place.

Talvez no,- dijo la espuma celosa de venusinas alquemizaciones

a cuarzo color sandía otoñal

/* CuSO4 makes no foam, who knows what jealousy is capable of */

je suis la nuit de la un et mille fleurs from copperness to chills

of summer en la fragante, libre soledad dual;

(oh, you fake bitch, I heard you also got some iron)

Benzeno spelled some gentlyness away, like flutter of waves

(oh, so now there are CuSO4 waves?)

easy, just mix the quark next to the paradox petal and voilà!

(Once upon a time, moon was said to be of the purest copper, yet it would love to be a bit more blue, a bit more shiny… she made a deal with Titanium and she was cursed out of orbit… now only the paradox petal is left to provide some surfing...)

-fuck poe, said la france…: its optional el cargo de ignominia o falacidad {kissed!} el artificio creó un copper last necessity et et … luv!

Copper is a whore… She’s going around mixing w/ evr1! Benzene is the ultimate weapon now, cuz of broken heart is sending diarrheas and throw ups…

Autumn is the cruelest month!

There are two types of weather here:

-When it’s autumn and leaves are copper-colored.

-When it’s other season and leaves are copper-colored.

Diatriba post gerenation Z, la poetique avec ma cherie estrena resurrectos sacos de bloodignidad je je, CH1283 et [scenes benceno whorish!] J lu, look! , for at sea melted skin and bathed sand over cities!

c[o|u]bre mis labios,

cold is gone now 2 the surface of turbinas.

¡Oh warm mistress, explain thy soul out of pipes or tubes, could i be less could i ran sand like at ur poros.

Oh, cold monsieur, my soul is restricted to compressors and valves… tubes shall be covered w/ gold, no unnoble other is allowed!

round i ro und i round i round i

round i round i round i rounded red rounds,

Oh, cold monsieur, rounding is not tempting, diamond falic statues might…

The city was putrid gold dust of tomes warmed by flares of some girls weather, calcinating bones, skins of beaches… she took a glass of wasser and kist, lo,

¿Te quedarás en cobre?

Ever wondered why diamonds are a woman’s best friends?

Copperland!, grité cual cara sinuosa en  todos ángulos.

It’s been a while since I last breathed some pure copper.

Fuck earthly humans, fuck their O2.

That baby angles prints on the wall: looked explode, vanish thy terror afuera las casas de mi era porque ¿la? en tardes au, diamond of of rounded petals rained asphalt.

It was a choko made of bassist

and drummer

…and copper babies!

Escena ᨖ [eternity is a piece of?


long waited the shores to pull some fleurs vert et bleu et sarcasmo de la huellar gastos de piel en el estilo

ja!, rió la voz en off el omniser.


Options:                                 Add-ons:

basename [kiss|spank|hug|f-word] [H2O|lubux|flavor|scent]


[you,she,copper mannequins,…,….]

A pesar no discrimono [precariedad ni opulencia]

All shall be wellkommen!


IF argument = copper mannequin

THEN add-on = lubux

ELSE… Abort!


exit 0

Fenomenar la mo)A(trix browny leaf soft, soothing vortex of dawn – entity # – π answered grafito et light, or

originate holy polyhedron of cake/0, + -π + ᨖ/ᨖ(3) faces and traitor moon kiss axis.

Ok, lets go!


Alfombrarme el mundo avec vostra canelación

despertar antes de despertar, mordida.

After our c[ó|ú]pula vert

tutti es possible… honey, honey bee.

Everything, todo = nada, create a void

bl@k us in it, US IN IT!!


CREATE OR REPLACE [function| woman| car]

RETURNS [data type, blow job, 250 mph] AS $$

DECLARE (e.g. bitch=’maría’)

BEGIN (  , lick(jerk off?), $$$) [please not 2 much noise]


$$ LANGUAGE (u find out!);


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