From DR to Bozeman: the trip!

It’s my third day here and I feel like I will never find the right time to sit down and write.

I left Santo Domingo on Aug 14th. The day before was a total earthquake. Tons of things to check and of course, dealing with the most lovely article ever created: suitcases. I only slept for about 2 hours on a couch, woke up at 4am and got on a plane at 7:50am.

When it comes to planes it s all the same: non-smoking area (yay!), fasten your seat belts; watch the flight attendant point at manuals, lights and exit doors; water or orange juice bla bla bla.

First I got to Miami, which was a humongous airport with very cool “Skytrains” to move from one place to another. I met a very nice cuban woman who started talking about how hard life in the States is and her plans to go back to her country and rest in peace. Then I got to Chicago and I felt TOTALLY LOST! I didn’t have a boarding pass nor know the gate so I had to run to a Information Phone to find out where to go. I waited for about 4 hours watching people depart and arrive and enjoying their faces each time a flight was canceled, delayed or the gate was changed. (Yes, my gate was changed too!).

The last plane I took was pretty small. I could finally sit next to a window. I was amazed by the lights of Chicago. I noticed that the city was organized and sometimes I could even figure some images that formed as we went higher. Next to me, there was a girl who was reading one of my favorite books, The portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, and  I was very happy to see that someone around me was finally reading literature and not some light, art-less books.

I arrived at about 10:40pm to Bozeman. It was about 21C (which is really hot considering the average T in this city) and I was welcomed by a very nice lady named Casandra (maybe Kasandra). The Office of International Programs of MSU sent me some snacks, a bunch of catalogs, brochures and important information. I was taken to my temporary room which to my surprise is pink.

It was about 1am and the rest of the Ugraders showed up. I think that was really cute from them and they made me feel like home. My special thanks to Athit (Laos), Sara (Nicaragua), Sonia (El Salvador and Adrián (Costa Rica) for being so attentive.

I will continue my narration some other time and make sure I upload some pictures and videos!

Tell me what you think!

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