Bozeman: First Impressions

I woke up at 8 am last monday because I wanted to go to the Office of International Programs to get some orientation. I got sooooooo lost! REALLY! I took the wrong direction and I ended up really far from where I was trying to go… but I could work it out.

1) Chilly during summer. Dry climate. Tons of mountains (yay!)
2) Very clean and quiet.
3) Beautiful architecture.
4) There’s a bell that rings every 15 minutes…. wait. Really? Just like in the movies! lol
5) Ducks+magpies+rabbits+squirrels_oncampus = LOVELY!
6) Many people greet you and seem to be pretty courteous.
7) OIP: a gift from heaven. Nathalie Caillaud is way nice!!!
8) Pink room @North Hedges? What did I do to deserve it?
9) The curtain of the shower is not wide enough. You can imagine what I mean…
10) CatCard is useful! Not like the “carnet” we have at UASD that is just a card. Here it works like a debit card. I put money on it, buy meals, tickets for meals and games, open the hall gate, buy books, etc etc.
11) Free buses! woohoo! Free water! woohoo! Free free free! yay!


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