Hitting Yellowstone!

So last tuesday I went to Yellowstone with Fred and Athit. Athit was the first Ugrader at Bozeman I met online. He told me about Fred an d Patricia, a very lovely couple who likes helping and taking out international students so they experience in the US is better.

It was a very unique experience. I got to learn about Bozeman vegetation, wheat farming and others. As we headed to Yellowstone I got to enjoy a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and the Yellowstone River.It was really interesting to see all sizes of coniferous trees and to get to know about the wildfires that have occured along the mountains lately.

There were some interesting signs I saw along the highway. Crosses planted indicating death of intoxicated people and reminding drivers of not being reckless. Signs with instructions of hygiene to avoid bears… Signs for everything! 😀 I took some pics of them included in this link: https://picasaweb.google.com/Lusmerlin

I got to see an elk from afar and I was completely shocked by how static clouds seemed to be!

Here goes a pair of videos of the falls I got to see:

I also went to the Norris Geyser Basin. My first time seeing Geysers! Yay! I was totally amazed by the sulfur odor and the different colours related to algae around the thermal waters. Here s a pic!




Tell me what you think!

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