I love free software: Oregano

Do you know why I love free software so much (and having such an amazing package manager as Synaptic)? Here is an example: I procrastinated writing this physics report so much, and started writing it at midnight. I felt like drawing the circuits. In about 7 minutes, it was solved:

  1. I wrote “circuits” on the Synaptic search bar.
  2. First option was “Oregano” and the description and screenshot were informative enough.
  3. I installed it right away, only required about 1MB, USD0.0, no legal issues.
  4. Using it is so intuitive, I feel like a dinosaur walking on earth in 2013. And I could just export it to PNG or PDF 🙂

I know this is really simple software and that there are many options out there… but I doubt you can solve your needs as easy.

Here is for you: